About MYC

Matthews Yoga Collective (MYC) was founded and is co-owned by three diverse, working moms who have spent years practicing yoga for our personal health and wellness. We all have traveled far and wide throughout the Charlotte area, taking classes at different gyms and studios and, as part of that journey, learned a lot about what we all feel makes a satisfying and meaningful yoga experience. And when we looked around, we felt the absence of what we were looking for here in our beloved town of Matthews. That said, we figured “Why not us?” and we went right to work crafting a mission for our business, securing a beautiful space and befriending talented, caring instructors who collaborate with us every week to bring our students the experience they deserve right here in downtown Matthews. We are immensely proud of the type of business we have brought to this community.

Sarah, Jessica and Regan possess over twenty years of professional experience in the legal, healthcare and retail industries, respectively. Over that time, we have amassed a wealth of business knowledge, strong community networks and a passion for the betterment of the town of Matthews. We honor the opportunity to use our creativity, ingenuity and strong work ethic to bring a new and dedicated yoga experience to our friends and neighbors.

The MYC Mission

A typical MYC experience leaves our students feeling inspired, stronger and at peace. Our community is built on providing a foundation for our students to feel challenged as they cultivate their individual yoga practices. We want to replenish your mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga so you may be present and pay that forward to others.

MYC Goals

• Create a welcoming environment for all levels of yoga, body types, fitness levels and abilities
• Foster a positive atmosphere for people to connect, grow and learn
• Invite inclusivity regardless of race or ethnicity, gender identity or personal beliefs
• Partner with and employ instructors who respect our mission and goals and are dedicated to enhancing our students’ yoga experience