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MY Fresh Air Flow is designed to help you breathe in a bit of the outdoors as you move through meditation exercises, Vinyasa flows, strength building and gentle stretches. The class is designed for everybody and all levels to come participate and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of being outside and the strength-building benefits of flow yoga.
MY Rise & Revive starts your week with a meditative class at a slower pace, emphasizing peace and calm. We hold poses longer, taking several rounds of breath in each pose. You’ll start with a gentle 10-15 minute Vinyasa flow to warm up the body, followed by a gentle practice combining deep breathing, stretching and relaxed postures to bring serenity and restorative energy to your body and mind. This deep-stretch, restorative class is appropriate for all levels.
MY Warrior Wake-Up is designed to get your blood flowing with a healthy, warm Vinyasa flow. Vinyasa yoga is a creative form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. The beauty of Vinyasa yoga is the variety. There is no standard sequence in Vinyasa yoga, so the style, pace and intensity will all vary depending on the teacher. Common poses you will encounter include downward facing dog, upward facing dog, plank, chaturanga and other lunge variations.
MY Mid-Day Mashup is a Vinyasa-based power flow built around strength-building, a little faster paced and FUN. Each session will feature music and moves intended to bring a little swagger to your weekly yoga practice. The goal is to create a vigorous, detoxifying, strength-based class, working the body to the core, building flexibility, and endurance in a fun and energetic environment. All levels are welcomed and encouraged.
MY Sunset Savasana is a slow flow Vinyasa practice where you will link breath with movement to explore each asana at a deeper level while bringing a sense of calm to your mind. The slower, intentional flow allows you to hold poses longer, with several breaths in between, while creating a rhythmic flow that builds strength and flexibility. This practice is the perfect way to move with intention while gaining a sense of relaxation after a busy day.
MY Relax & Restore is the darker, slower version of our candlelight yoga series. You enjoy your yoga practice in our beautiful ballroom studio by soft, calming candlelight. This practice is great for just before bedtime, or anytime you need to gain a sense of relaxation. The movement is gentle, the music is soft, and you can really unwind and get ready for a busy week to come. A gentle flow to zen incorporating longer holds and deep stretch to end your week with a relaxed body and peace in your heart and mind .