Frequently Asked Questions

New to yoga? Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions!

Just show up! Arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled class and we will get you taken care of! We have everything you need for your practice, including mats, blocks, straps, water and a welcoming atmosphere!

MYC is located in beautiful downtown Matthews in a historical building on 189 N. Trade Street in the Matthews Ballroom Studio above Temple’s Edge.

Avoid any heavy meals 1-2 hours prior to your practice. Some folks prefer to practice on an empty stomach while others may need a light snack.

Any lightweight comfortable workout clothing that will not restrict your movement or irritate your skin. Oh, and NO SHOES or socks! Bare feet are best!

We have cubbies available for our students in the studio that are well within your view from the class setting.

Common Questions about the Classroom Experience

A typical class will begin in child’s pose and then with a warmup, a flowing sequence and then a floor sequence. Our experienced instructors often practice with students to model postures and guide students through verbal cuing and hands-on adjustments. All classes end in shavasana, which is a resting and restorative pose, in which you will be treated to a cold lavender towel.

Our instructors and staff offer hands on assists to help our students achieve the most from their postures and we don’t mind that you’re sweaty!! If you prefer not to be assisted, simply let the instructor know.

No! Regardless of your flexibility level, everyone is benefiting from the class! We call it practice for a reason! With every class you are becoming more agile, tone and working toward whatever your health goal is!

If you are injured or experiencing any discomfort in a specific body part, be sure to let your instructor and anyone on our staff know. They will avoid assists and offer variations on poses that may cause discomfort to the sensitive area. Any concerns should be addressed with your physician.

Nope! We blend our own unique health shots for our weekend students to enjoy after their practice. Shots are prepared with only certified USDA organic ingredients and are offered as an option not a requirement!

Cancellation & Returns Policy

Yoga Classes: Cancel up to 30 minutes prior to class. After that, you risk forfeiting a pass or being charged a $10 cancellation fee. MYC will only implement a charge if the class has met or exceeded 20 students. Passes are non-transferable.

Retail:  Must be returned within 7 days.